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Get maximum efficiency out of deployed manpower by getting rid of
Excel sheets and file sharing softwares.

DARTS (Discrepancies And Rectification Tracking System) is a tool developed by AirFleet Managers to make the aircraft delivery redelivery simpler as compared to orthodox way, this fantastic yet simple to use tool enable its user to seamlessly manage and track the discrepancies raised by them and gives the aircraft Lessors/Owners a complete control over the asset during transit as well as during the lease.

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Why Darts?

Every redelivery transaction, annual inspection and pre-purchase inspection leads to the discovery of hundreds of discrepancies and collecting enormous amount of data in the form of documents and photographs. But this is not done in a single day. However, to allow the operators to address the existing ones, it is necessary that the discrepancies be shared with them on a daily basis.

Consultants around the globe use spreadsheets to keep a track of their discrepancies. The discrepancy sheets are then updated and shared with the operator at the end of every day. Also, all the documents received and the pictures taken during the inspection be shared with the lessor/owner of the aircraft on daily basis This practice creates a major problem with multiple ‘Revisions’ of the discrepancy sheets created and shared by the consultants by the time the inspection and review is complete. While the operator has worked on & entered his comments in the spreadsheet for a portion of the discrepancies raised on Day 1, there is another updated ‘Revision’ to the discrepancy sheet from the consultant. This gap keeps on widening every day, and creates major confusion among the people involved. Second major issue is correlating the documents with the appropriate discrepancy.

The DARTS eliminates all these problems by providing a real-time tool to raise new & work on existing discrepancies and keeping all the documents and pictures attached to original discrepancy.


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Key Features

Some key features of DARTS that are surely going to give you an idea of how it can help you.

Manage all your Projects from single Dashboard.

Track the Users activities.

Control access for different user levels.

Track discrepancies for each project.

Share notes among the Team.

Upload documents and attach to discrepancy.

Get Real Time Notifications of all events.

Run on any Device / Platform.

No training required. User friendly.

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